Hey, hi.
I’m Jonathan McNicol.

I’m an award-losing writer and radio maker.

I produce The Colin McEnroe Show and hosted The Second First Season, both at WNPR in Hartford.

I’m on Twitter.
I have an email address.
I carry my own keys.

The Second First Season.

The Second First Season takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Double-A baseball team on a year-long do-over.

Episode 1.The First First Season
Episode 2.The Field(s)
Episode 3.The Team
Episode 4.The Prospects
Episode 5.The Mascots
Episode 6.The Umpires
Episode 7.The Manager
Episode 8.The Park

Some radio writing.

Sometimes I put together essays or other preproduced pieces to air within The Colin McEnroe Show. These’re some of those.

Jul 05 2018.Shall We Dance? No. We Shall Not.
Oct 17 2016. Jonathan McNicol Went to a Presidential Debate (So the Rest of Us Wouldn’t Have To)
Aug 01 2016.A Look at Lovable (and Loathsome) Losers
Jul 14 2016. So. You’re Circumcised.
Oct 06 2015.What’s in a Title (Sequence)?

Some radio reporting.

Occasionally I’ll report a story for WNPR’s newscasts (or even for NPR nationally). These’re some of them.

Oct 28 2016. Bridgeport Boy Brings Camelot to Life at Westport Playhouse
Jun 21 2016. The Money Makes American Premiere at Arts and Ideas Festival
Sep 08 2015.Rookie Second Baseman Stands Out in Norwich
Jul 06 2015.All-Star Baseball Comes to the Park City
Dec 31 2014.The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body
Sep 19 2014.A Different Pro Baseball Player Hangs Up His Spikes
Apr 03 2014.Shakespeare Plus The Beatles, Sort Of, at Yale Rep
Feb 12 2014. Art Exhibit Draws Inspiration from Talking Heads Song

Some print writing and reporting.

Sometimes I write stories specifically for WNPR’s websites. And I used to write for The Daily Nutmeg in New Haven. I put my favorites first here.

Dec 16 2011.Molière with a Mirrorball
Dec 11 2012.Let’s Talk
Sep 19 2014.Bridgeport Bluefish Ballplayer To Retire After 20-Year Career
Oct 10 2012.Many Happy (Carriage) Returns
Jul 08 2016.We Know Next to Nothing About Clouds
Nov 22 2015.Harvard Wins “The Game”; Yale Bowl To Remain Natural Grass
Jul 09 2015.In Bridgeport, a Game That Didn’t Matter, on a Night That Did
Dec 31 2014.The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body on Display in Connecticut
Jan 18 2013.All Dolled Up
Oct 26 2012.Roll Players
Sep 28 2012.Touch and Go
Dec 30 2011.A Movie Becomes a Play About a Radio Production

The Colin McEnroe Show.

I’m one of three producers on WNPR’s The Colin McEnroe Show. Here are some episodes I’ve done that have amused me in one way or another.

Aug 09 2018. A World in a Grain of Sand
Aug 01 2018. Kneeling as an Act of Protest
Jun 21 2018.Two of the Greats: Robin Williams and George Carlin
Apr 05 2018.Blind Injustice: A Look At Wrongful Convictions In America
Feb 08 2018.A Non-Threatening Conversation About Jazz
Nov 07 2017.Profiling Criminal Profilers
Sep 28 2017.An Hour with John McPhee
Aug 24 2017.An Ode to Obituaries and Obituarists
Apr 27 2017.A Big, Dumb Paean to Big, Dumb Action Movies
Feb 08 2017.The Opposition Party
Oct 27 2016.An Hour with Ira (Glass)
Aug 01 2016.A Long Look at Losing and Lovable (and Loathsome) Losers

The Nose.

The Nose is The Colin McEnroe Show’s weekly pop culture roundtable. I’m the only dedicated producer The Nose has ever had. Here are a few of my favorite Noses.

Aug 17 2018. (You Make The Nose Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Aug 03 2018.This Nose Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds
Jul 20 2018.The Nose on Hannah Gadsby: Nanette and Three Identical Strangers
Feb 23 2018.The Nose Goes to Black Panther

And some photography.

Every once in a while, I’ll produce something that’s only or mostly about the photography. You’ll probably notice that these are all sports stories.

Sep 28 2015.Bulldogs Mark 150th Anniversary of Yale Baseball
Sep 08 2015.Rookie Second Baseman Stands Out in Norwich
Aug 31 2015.Rock Cats Say Farewell to New Britain with Walk-Off Win
Aug 29 2015.Kvitová Repeats at the Connecticut Open
Aug 14 2015.Waterford’s Little League World Series Dreams Dashed in Extras